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The Meinunfallauto platform has become a well-known brand in the EU for the sale of damaged vehicles. What sets Meinunfallauto apart is its high level of specialization through vehicle damage display, online booking options, auctions, and a large vehicle base that allows you to add vehicles in just a minute.

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Autoversand is an online vehicle transport platform. The main focus of the platform is to connect carriers with people who need to transport vehicles. In just a few clicks, publish your car, choose the best offer, and let Autoversand do all the logistics for you. Deliver your vehicle to the desired location easily. If you are a carrier who wants to develop your business and increase the threshold of business – just enter which route you take and we will make sure to provide you with a handful of offers.

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BClear provides a complete solution for all your business needs.
Tailored in support with many real-world clients to provide you with all the features required to run your business.
Manage clients, workers, tasks, and much more using our simple and intuitive web and mobile platform.
Boost your business to the next level and be clear about your future goals.

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An effective and simple system based on barcodes to keep track of how many crates and by whom were collected during harvest.
The worker tags a create with their unique barcode which gets scanned later to provide you with details about each workers’ progress on our web and mobile app.

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